As a fund manager, choosing the right Prime Broker is one of your most important decisions. is your complete source for education & information on the Prime Brokerage industry.


Why use a prime broker?

A prime broker can provide many helpful services to assist you in starting and managing your hedge fund. Although some people try to go about this kind of investment strategy on their own, unless you are working on a very small scale, it will be very important to get some kind of assistance in your financial venture. Although you may have a bit of accounting and business know-how, the individuals and companies specializing in prime brokerage are highly trained in this sort of opportunity and, thus, can best advise you in decreasing your risks and maximizing your profits.


Prime broker services: offers services in all areas of your hedge fund.

• Portfolio Reporting
• Capital Introduction - Asset Raising
• Secured Lending
• Trading Strategies & Execution
• Global Custody
• Operational Support
• Consolidated Cash Management
• IT support and consulting
• Compliance and Risk Management